Advice in your interest

In order not to invalidate the quality requirements of your purchase, we list below some tips for its care and maintenance.

We suggest:

  • That the single discarded pair is placed in the air, to lose the moods and smells and dry naturally. In fact, the foot, while breathing, deposits humidity inside the shoe, humidity that is absorbed by the upper and the insole and accumulated in the cow, sheep or goat leathers. the day using a shoe tree, essential for optimal conservation.ione.
  • They should be stored after cleaning with a brush and cream in low humidity environments far from heat sources..
    • For shoes in full-grain leather, use a cotton rag with a lower shade of the polishing cream so as not to alter the color of the shoe, moving the hand in a rotary direction, but without pressing. Then use a soft brush to spread the cream.
      When the cream is well spread and absorbed, give it a pass with a soft woolen cloth to restore shine.
    • Patent leather shoes should be cleaned with a slightly moistened rag.
    • Suede shoes should be cleaned with a soft horsehair brush. Avoid the steel toothbrush that damages the skin. If unfortunately they do get stained, try to remove the stains with a para cloth, avoid using stain removers or scraping. The leather of a shoe is delicate, so avoid putting too much pressure on it when cleaning.).

      Once cleaned, store them in low humidity environments.

  • Which, if wet, should be left to dry only naturally and slowly, away from direct sources of heat, in order to avoid drying and notching of the leather and hide.
    If, when you remove them, they are damp, let them dry by stuffing them with daily newspaper, or on the wooden mold, at room temperature.e.
    Avoid placing them near sources of heat, or worse on a radiator: they will tend to harden, crack and ruin permanently.
  • Not to alter the weight balances of the product by changing the structure of the construction eg. adding rubber soles to the bottom or leather inside the shoe because this must be programmed during the manufacturing phaseva).
  • For any problem other than those recommended you can consult us at the e-mail addressl