Suggestions for your interest

To preserve the good quality of your shoes, here are some care and maintenance suggestions.

  • Once you take your shoes off, leave them in the open air to remove any smell and let them dry and breathe.

(when the foot breathes, it releases humidity into the shoe, which is absorbed by the upper and by the insole, and gathered in the bovine, ovine and goat leather).

In order to preserve the features of these kinds of leather, please interchange your shoes during the day if possible, and use a filler for a proper preservation.

  • When you clean your shoes, use a brush and some cleaning cream. Then, store them in a low-humidity place, away from any heat source.

For grain leather shoes, put some polish cream on a cotton cloth. To keep the original color of the shoes, the color of the polish cream must be one shade darker.

Move your hand with a turning movement without pressing. Then, use a soft brush to spread the cream. When the cream is well absorbed, rub the shoe using a woolen cloth to polish it.

Patent leather shoes must be cleaned using a slightly humid cloth

Suede shoes must be cleaned using a soft horse-hair brush. Do not use steel brush because it can damage the leather. If the shoes spot, try to clean them using a crepe tissue. Do not rug off. Do not use stain removers.

(the leather is very delicate: do not press on it when you clean it)

Once your shoes are clean, store them in a low humidity place.

  • If the shoes get wet, they need to dry naturally and slowly and be kept away from any heat source, preventing the leather from drying-up and damaging.

If they are still wet when you take them off, fill them with some print papers and let them dry at room temperature. You can also put them on a wooden last. Do not put them near a heat source or on a heater: they will harden, crack and ruin permanently.

  • Do not modify the original structure of the shoes (e.g.: putting a rubber or leather insole inside the shoe) because any change must be considered at the design stage.
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We are sure to act in your best interest lengthening the use of your shoes and making them cheaper over time thanks to your cooperation